About me

I’m Antoine Katan, a videographer, photographer, but above all, a student in Multimedia and Internet Technologies in Chambéry. I’m demanding, sociable, comfortable working in teams, and passionate about audiovisual content. I am very curious and always in the need of pushing my limits. I’m highly motivated to put my skills and energy at your service.




I obtained my French Baccalauréat with a specialization in Mathematics & PhysicsChemistry in Voiron in 2021.

At this time I was already trying to create some audiovisual content knowing that it will become my passion.

2021 - 2024


University of Savoie Mont Blanc

I study audiovisuals, coding, and communication within the MMI (Multimedia and Internet Technologies) department in Chambéry.


La Clef Production

This year I’m doing a work-study internship with La Clef’s team. It allows me to work with big clients (such as Red Bull Lacoste and others) and gain a lot of experience.

What is up next ?

To be totally honest with you, for the moment I don’t know. What I’m sure is that I want to be a filmmaker, but where and with who… I mean, it’s the goal of this portfolio to find out !


Video Shooting

In video, framing is my expertise. I master the art of composing dynamic and captivating images, using lines, angles, and camera movements to tell immersive stories. Each shot is crafted to highlight the main subject and create an unforgettable experience for the viewer. Whether it’s for a short film, a documentary, or an advertisement, my framing skills ensure high-quality productions that captivate and inspire.

Video Editing

In video editing, I am a versatile expert. I master color grading and sound design to craft compelling stories. My quick execution in Premiere Pro and After Effects enables me to deliver high-quality projects within tight deadlines. Whether for a film, a documentary, or an advertisement, my skills ensure impressive productions.

Project Management

In video production, I excel in project management and directing. My ability to plan, organize, and lead every step ensures project success. As a director, I bring creative vision to life, overseeing every detail to ensure quality and consistency. With me, your ideas become impactful videos.

What else ?

Working in a creative company require to be adaptative. Thanks to my studies, my internship and apprenticeship (work study internship), I’ve learnt how to become versatile. I am very curious and always in the need of pushing my limits. This drive has led me to master a range of tools and softwares, for exemple Blender for 3D design, Fruity Loops for sound editing, and the Adobe Suite for photography, editing, graphic design, animation, and VFX.